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As well as raising money from willing donors, Hyperloop Recruitment agrees to match the donations achieved from external parties.


Cholmondeley Castle - 24/25th June 2017

We've set ourselves an ambitious target of completing (attempting) a full olympic triathlon. For the uninitiated (us) that's a 1.5km swim, 10km run and a 44km bike ride. If you fancy making a donation, keep an eye out for our Just Giving page that we'll post soon.
Or get click the link and get involved.

Our Software Development consultant Alex Byrne completed this in 3h:08m which isn't bad for a first outing. His considerably bigger friend beat him by 17 minutes though so he gets a dogs life from us in the office. Which brings a Homer Simpson quote to mind when he's consoling Bart on a school project he put all his efforts into but still failed. "Kid, you tried your best but you failed miserably, the lesson is, never try"

Bicycle Ride
Winter Apparel


May 2017 - Trail Run

As a precursor to the Triathlon, we're doing a warm-up 10k trail run. All up hill. This is to raise money for a charity that deliver alternative education to teenagers from a disadvantaged background

Result. Tried but failed miserably after a rolled ankle. Sadness


May 2019 - Mountain Trek

Along with the Utopia Project, a charity that work with disadvantaged teenagers, we aim to climb Mount Kilimanjaro. As well as raising money for the charity, it will provide a useful opportunity for the teenagers to plan and executive a real world project. Check back for more soon.....

Scenic Mountain Biking
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give something back were it counts

A big part of the culture in the Hyperloop Recruitment office goes beyond the day-to-day service we provide to our clients and candidates. We also try to contribute in anyway to the wider world we live in. Each year we set ourselves an ambition target to achieve a collective team goal with the objective of raising some money for charity. As well as helping those in need, this philosophy has myriad benefits to our own well being. So, instead of going all Michael Douglas in Falling Down, we've opted for the Pay it Forward philosophy. Have a look below for some of the ambitious projects we've got set up for the year ahead.

Pay it Forward: Event
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