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Manchester - £35,000 - £50,000

My client is an international big data and text analytics company. Headquartered in Manchester, UK, and operate offices in Bangkok and the USA, with clients across 4 continents.
The company was founded on a frustration with the lack of personalisation across business processes, like underwriting and ID verification, which meant that consumers were no longer being treated as individuals, therefore missing out on services that they deserved. They are focused on bridging that gap between businesses and consumers to create more personal relationships and improve automated decisions.
You will be joining a small, highly-skilled team of engineers and data scientists building a unique product. Data is at the heart of the business, and you must have the curiosity and desire to understand how this determines the shape of the software.
You must be an excellent Scala developer with good experience in a number of other programming languages and paradigms. If you have equivalent experience in other programming languages, you're strongly encouraged to apply! Polyglot programmers with a proven track-record in language acquisition are especially welcome.

Essential Skills & Required Experience
- Excellent SCALA knowledge
- RESTful API design and implementation with JSON
- Selection and use of different categories of NoSQL database
- Experience in TDD, BDD, property-based testing, etc.
- Knowledge of Python or R,
- Javascript, AngularJS


SCALA Developer: CV
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